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Holistic Care to look after your muscles is our passion. 

Releasing muscle tension through massage and excercise doesn’t just make you feel good, it can improve your body functionality and quality of life.

Thai Massage Hamilton

Nalinee (ALLIE)

THAI -Swedish Massage Therapist

ALLIE is keen on healing work by applying her many years of experience in THAI YOGA MASSAGE Skills. She has been working as a massage therapist in many countries, including Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, and 6 years in New Zealand. Her cross-cultural experience helps her to understand how to work in different cultures and how to handle different body types very well. Allie specializes in treating the recurrence of body tension according to repetitive daily activities and takes pride in her personal standards, which reflects in customer satisfaction. Massage is her life, she said. She loves to help and see people get back to their daily activities with a lighter body/movement. 

therapeutic massage

Touchkorn (TK)

Remedial Massage Therapist

TK is keen on healing work. She finished her Thai traditional medicine study in the year 2005 and continues studying massage at many institutes in Thailand. She graduated the New Zealand Remedial Massage Level 6 from Wintec. She is also qualified as a Yoga Therapeutics instructor. With years of experience, she understands the struggle one faces when involved in an intense working environment. Her massage hub offers different massage styles catering to specific pressure preferences of the clients. She has a deep understanding of biomechanics and is very intuitive and professional. She loves her job because her way of massage helps people to regain strength on both physical and mental levels. Moreover, TK believes that being open-minded and positive thinking helps people to let the tension go away from their minds faster and easier. As a result, healthier mental and emotional energy is the key effect on physical activities for a better outcome.


Sumana (Bee) 

THAI -Swedish Massage Therapist

I want everyone to feel relaxed, comfortable, and light like cotton.  As long as the customer feels good, we are happy.

Bee is passionate about helping others feel relief from aches, stress relief, and relaxation by using her wellness relaxation massage skills.  Bee technique is tailored to individuals who like soft to medium pressure.

Bee treats people with respect. She said, "Respect is important to people."

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