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We are now looking for an at least 3 years experienced Massage Therapist to join our team.

Massage Therapist


Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand


Job type

Full-time Permanent : payment Up to 50% of after GST total sale price


Contractor (NZ resident or citizen) : payment 50% of after GST total sale price 

***** If you are an experienced registered remedial massage therapist, we can offer a special deal 



Full-Time Permanent and Contractor Massage Therapist



BODY FLOW THERAPY is a high-growth company. We are passionate about high-performance living.  We restlessly seek what is best to provide our clients with a better way of therapeutic massage treatment.

We are now looking for an at least 3 years experienced Massage Therapist to join our team. We provide remedial massage treatments, deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, and pregnancy Massage, using all the Traditional Thai Massage techniques. A vacancy has arisen for one who works as a Massage Therapist with a passion for performing a therapeutic massage while administering advice for treatments for health and remedial purposes.

Suppose you are a high-performing individual passionate about helping people improve their range of movement and quality of life. In that case, we are excited to discuss career opportunities with you.


Job Description

We are looking for energetic, creative, and enthusiastic qualified individuals to perform in Massage Therapy who need at least three years of continuous relevant experience in Massage Therapy or a relevant Diploma. The successful candidate will be expected to do the following:

Massage Therapist Job description:


  1. Massage the body’s soft tissues, such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments, to assist healing.

  2. Utilize various massage techniques to treat the body’s soft tissue for better performance and prevent injury.

  3. Ensuring the room is cleaned after each treatment and at the end of each day.

  4. In the absence of the Manager, the employee will act as a manager; therefore, honesty and the ability to deal with customers are essential.

  5. Must be honest, well-mannered, trustworthy, and able to communicate in English.

  6. Assisting customer service tasks, such as answering phone calls and making a booking, assisting clients in making a payment before the session starts, and providing water to clients after the session

  7. Must not bring internal matters to talk to customers or outsiders. For example, talk about colleagues to customers in a negative way.

  8. Maintain massage clinic appearance and cleanliness.

  9. Prepare treatment rooms and clean, and disinfect between clients.

  10. Able to explain the company’s treatment services.

  11. Assist with washing and folding all linens used in the treatment rooms

  12. There will be no payment if the client cancels the booking

  13. Need to be ready at the workplace before clients come



In a contractor contract, there is no remuneration package.

In a permanent position, your remuneration package consists of:

  • Up to 50% of after GST total sale price, before tax, and you will be paid weekly

  • 10 days of paid sick leave

  • 20 days paid Holiday after 12 months.

  • Yearly remuneration review


IMPORTANT: Applicants for this position MUST have NZ citizenship, residency, or a valid NZ work visa. Please forward a current CV with contactable referees to the Manager at email mailto:

Applications close the 15th of March 2024


027 3460466



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