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$15 discount for Wellness Relaxation Massage Program from $90/hr +$5 Hot stone to only $80 /hr 'till 31 July 2024

What is Body Flow Therapy Wellness Relaxation Massage?

  • A wellness relaxation massage technique is different from deep tissue or clinical massage. The focus is on balancing the body as a whole rather than solving any specific area of pain or dysfunction. The benefits are promoting body balance, increasing blood circulation for healthier soft tissue as well as reducing stress. In the wellness massage treatment at Body Flow Therapy, the therapist includes gentle Thai massage way of treatment and five basic strokes in the Swedish massage technique: stroking (effleurage), kneading (petrissage), vibration, friction, and tapotement. The massage pressure is gentle to medium, not very deep.  

Bee is the key person responsible for Wellness Relaxation Massage.

Welcome Bee to join the Body Flow Therapy Family. We are so grateful to have Bee joining our team. Bee is passionate about helping others feel relief from aches, stress relief, and relaxation by using her wellness relaxation massage skills. Bee's technique is tailored to individuals who like soft to medium pressure. Bee treats people with respect. She said, "I want everyone to feel relaxed, comfortable, and light like cotton"

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